Knous Tool & Machine, Inc.

located in St. Marys, Ohio

Established in 1984, Knous Tool & Machine was started with the goal of providing high quality parts at a competitive price. Over thirty-five years later, our mission of putting the customer’s needs first has remained the same. Our processes and capabilities are continuously growing, allowing us to reach and exceed customer expectations.


CNC Machining

We combine our high-speed machines with the latest technology in tooling to machine your parts the fastest, while holding tight tolerances with incredible accuracy. Our team of skilled machinists go above and beyond to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective way to machine your parts, so we can offer you a competitive price while not budging on quality.


We offer low to mid volume welding with exceptional quality. Our welds our backed by an AWS weld inspector to ensure the integrity of every weld.


Let us help you with your idea and put a part in your hand. We work with our customer’s ideas to ensure part functionality throughout the product development process. We physically test and analyze the fit, form, and function of the design concept to ensure everything works as intended prior to final production.

Custom Tooling and Fixture Design

We are knowledgeable in designing and manufacturing custom tooling and fixtures. Our team is able to take a project from inception through production. With decades of experience in manufacturing tooling and fixtures for our own in-house needs and outside customers, we are well equipped to produce the tooling and fixturing that meets your demand.

CNC Programming

At Knous Tool we rely on the latest version of Mastercam to achieve the fastest tool paths and optimum metal removal rates, helping us get your parts out the door cost effectively and on time.

CNC Machining
Knous Tool
Custom Aluminum
Custom Cylinder

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